8 WEDGE® - Laser Edition

8 WEDGE® - Laser Edition


8 WEDGE® Laser Edition!  These limited edition 8 Wedges have been anodized Black, Red, Blue, Green & Gold, and are ready for you to customize them!

Wedge color:
Customize your Design

The laser etching process bleaches the anodized surface revealing bright white aluminum underneath.  Choose Custom Text, Maltese Cross, American Flag, Halligan, or the DTOM snake with 13 stars, on the backside.  

We want you to get exactly what your looking for, so if you don't see an option listed, please email us 8wedge@rjmachine.com

Paint is not available on the LE 8 Wedges.  While the anodizing greatly enhances the appearance of your 8 Wedge, it will wear off if used to force doors.

Free Lanyard!  All custom 8 Wedges come with a colored lanyard of your choice!

8 WEDGE® Holster
Holster Color:
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