8 WEDGE® Holster

8 WEDGE® Holster


8 WEDGE® Holster


  • Rugged .08" Kydex construction

  • Hand crafted in our shop; American made

  • Mounts to radio strap, SCBA, belts, MOLLE, and more

  • Affirmative retention for a snug fit and release

  • Versatile belt mounting options, vertical or horizontal

  • Belt loops create a tight, non-slip grip on leather belts, and aide in wedge retention

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Your 8 WEDGE® holster has been crafted using top quality, American made materials and should provide years of reliable service. You should apply blue Loctite to screw threads upon attachment.  Your 8 WEDGE® holster can be cleaned using mild soap and water.

Kydexis a thermoforming material and may be sensitive to long durations of intensive heat. We DO NOT recommend use in high temperature, long duration training evolutions (burn buildlings, flashover simulators, etc).

Should your holster become deformed from normal use (ie. fireground operatons), please contact us. (800-255-7312, or 8wedge@rjmachine.com).  You may be able to repair yourself with a heat gun, or we can repair or replace for you.

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