N8zzle Nut - Thread Protectors

N8zzle Nut - Thread Protectors


Threaded for 1 1/2” NH/NST, the N8zzle Nut is machined from 6061 aluminum. The thread protectors will safeguard your nozzles, hose couplings, gated wyes & stacked tips! Course knurling provides grip in dry, wet, cold and icy conditions. Includes hose gasket & custom laser etching (see below). Available in an assortment of anodized colors, you can mix and match to coordinate with your department or apparatus colors.

Laser Etching

White etching will be on the face of the colored nuts; Clear will have BLACK text. We will try and accommodate any text you want. Keep in mind, the more characters, the smaller they will have to be to fit. Email for specific requests.

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