Carbon Monoxide Tags

Carbon Monoxide Tags


Carbon Monoxide Tags attach easily to CO, 4-gas, or PPE for a quick reference. The tags are laser etched from rugged, outdoor 3-ply laminate. Tags measure 4.8" x 2".  The lanyards offer the most flexible mounting options.

Tag Color:
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Side 1 features the most common PPM reading benchmarks***, and associated information.

Side 2 features an extensive symptom list, as well as major CO sources to investigate.

Customizing options

  • 5 different, high visibility color combinations
    • Yellow on Black
    • Red on White
    • Blue on White
    • Black on White
    • White on Black
  • 13 Lanyard colors
    • Urban Camo
    • Nuclear Canary (Reflective)
    • Green Camo
    • Pink Camo
    • Gold
    • Neon Green (Reflective)
    • Bright Orange
    • Blue (Reflective)
    • White
    • Red (Reflective)
    • Black (Reflective)
    • Yellow
    • Purple

*** The chart displayed on side 1 is an amalgamation of several reputable sources. It is intended to be a general guideline.  We will happily customize to meet your departments particular policy and regulations. Simply email them to