Fire Service Products

From the 8 WEDGE® to Multi-gas & accountability tags, we are proud to offer our high quality, American made products to firefighters and first responders worldwide.  All of our products are designed, created in our CNC machine shop in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.  R.J. Machine Company is firefighter owned & operated.

8 WEDGE® - Forcible Entry Tool

The 8 WEDGE® blends technology and brute force together to gain entry like never before.

TUF 8 Tool - Tactical Utility Fire Tool

Firefighting multi-tool. Patented, Stainless Steel design.  Only 13.8 oz. Over a dozen tools in one.

Gas Detector Tags

Laser etched, durable 3-ply tags attach easily to many different CO or Multi-gas meters for a quick reference.  Available for Multi-gas, CO, HCN and more.

Accountability Systems

Customized apparatus & accountability tags, available in many colors.  Laser etched for high visibility from durable plastics & metals.

8W Radio Channel Tags.jpg

Radio Channel Tags

Fully customize double sided radio/information tags.  Any size & information available!