8 WEDGE® Forcible Entry Tool

With the 8 WEDGE®, Firefighters and First Responders gain an edge in the first crucial moments of a fire. Developed both in the classroom and on the fire ground, the aluminum 8 WEDGE® has evolved into a crucial life-saving piece of gear. Like the halligan, ax, and roof hook, firefighting wedge is intended to be a multi-purpose, versatile, life saving tool.

Made in the USA

Machined in our CNC shop from lightweight & strong 6061 aluminum.  The 8 WEDGE® is designed, developed, tested, and manufactured by firefighters.  R.J. Machine Company is proudly firefighter owned and operated.


8 WEDGE® in action!


  • 100% designed, made, and tested in the USA!

  • Weighing only 7.3 oz, the 8 Wedge is lightweight and versatile

  • Strong 6061 aluminum construction

  • Create and hold door gaps

  • Cutout adds extra grip when you have gloves on.

  • Easily repair usage marks with a metal file

  • Fully customizable with engraving and colors

  • Can do things that would destroy a wooden wedge!


Gas shut off

Some examples of the 8 WEDGE® used as a gas shutoff tool. The unique shape of the "8" cutout allows it to manipulate many gas valves seen on the fireground. Just another use for the 8 WEDGE tool that is easily accessible to you!

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